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La Siesta Single travel hammock Colibri 3.0 Passionflower
Prod. No.: CLT17-77
Available beginning 2019
Instead of CHF 79.00
Only CHF 71.10
La Siesta Cushion Orquídea Purple square
Prod. No.: ORP5S-7
Available beginning 2019
Instead of CHF 39.00
Only CHF 35.10
La Siesta Familien-Hängematte Flora Zebra
Prod. No.: 9346198
On order, approx. 2 weeks
Instead of CHF 195.00
Only CHF 175.50


La Siesta Currambera Cherry - Lounger hanging chair with steel frame
Prod. No.: CUL212ROA168
Available beginning 2019
Instead of CHF 488.00
Only CHF 414.80
La Siesta Currambera Blueberry - Classic double hammock with steel frame
Prod. No.: CUH163MES121
Available beginning 2019
Instead of CHF 354.00
Only CHF 300.90
La Siesta Modesta Arabica - Hanging chair Basic with steel frame
Prod. No.: MOC146MEA129
Available beginning 2019
Instead of CHF 348.00
Only CHF 295.80
La Siesta Fruta Curaçao - Single rod hammock with steel frame
Prod. No.: FRR113MES121
Available beginning 2019
Instead of CHF 328.00
Only CHF 278.80

Hammocks Online Shop Switzerland


The Hammock Store is proud to offer the complete selection of hammocks. Handmade in Colombia, Brazil and Mexico, hammock collection comes in three sizes. single hammocks, which are made for one person, double hammocks, which are good for two persons, and familiy hammocks which are perfect for large families. Hammocks are made with natural cotton, organic Cotton or Hamactex, a special polypropylene fibre that is weather resistant and yet soft to the touch. Hängematte-Schweiz also offers travel hammocks, ideal for traveling and day trips.

Hammock Chair

Hammock chairs are handmade and very comfortable. Every hammock chair has been carefully designed to offer you a swinging and floating chair that is both relaxing and decorative. You can choose a hammock chair with natural colors, like the Modesta, or full of vibrant tones like the new Flora collection. Hammock chair collection offers swings made from natural cotton, bio and organic cotton, Hamactex, a soft cotton-like material that is more durable in the outdoors and also easier to maintain indoors. Hängematte-Schweiz offers hammock chairs in various sizes from the single chair to the magnificent lounger. Choose your hammock chair and simply relax.

Kids & Babies

Bigger than ever, the collection of hammocks and hammock chairs designed for kids features the Iri hammock and chair, the Lori made of organic otton, the Animundo hammock and blanket combo, the famous Joki, which is now offered in 5 stimulating colours, the Joki Outdoors with outdoor fabric and the Joki Planet, a new assortment of Joki's made of organic cotton. The new pastel colour of the Joki Planet makes it one of the most popular new items. Yayita Baby hammock which is offered with or without the FSC' certified Wood support.

Suspension for hammocks and hammock chairs, Stands and Accessories

Our hanging kits, which are hooks and ropes that you use to hang your hammock, are made and feature a new and exciting patented and easy to use hanging system. This hanging system for hammock or hammock chair comes in three models. The Tree Rope is perfect to hang on trees, the Home Rope is ideal for the home and the Universal Rope is a fixing set that can be used in any setting. Hängematte-Schweiz also offers hammock stands and hammock chair stands made of metal or wood. The metal hammock stands support up to 160 kg and are an affordable alternative to the wooden stands. Both supports are ideal to place indoors or outdoors and will create a relaxing place for your hammock or hammock chair.